14 apr. 2013

The Forgotten.

"When you cry yourself to sleep, when you're shaking so hard you can't even breathe, when you're freezing at 95 degrees in the summer. That's when you know you've hit it. That's when you know there's no turning back.

People often grow apart because they get bored of each other or because they realize their interests are not matching, at any point. They grow apart because they leave, because they stay, because they accidentally find another soul mate. And most importantly, because they don't really know what love is.
But why does it also happen to people who truly care about each other and promise each other a life full of happines and togetherness and fluffy clouds with no chance of raining? Why do people grow apart, when they grew up together?
Maybe it's like taking a long trip around the world, in a car without brakes; you can never stop. AND you can't afford to fall asleep. The only way to keep yourself awake is by communicating with your companion, sitting right next to you. So you start talking and talking and laughing and sharing every single intimate detail you remember. But eventually, you start feeling like you're talking too much so you just stop. Both of you. And you fall asleep. What do you wanna crush into? A tree? A wall? A truck that's coming from the opposite direction? Doesn't matter. The point is you will, anyway.
So maybe people grow apart because they try too hard to keep everything from falling around them. They try their best to be the most perfect version of themselves, to be better, they ignore the bad feelings and premonitions, hoping all this will disappear and be forgotten in the end. But they get tired of doing this all by themselves. Tired and insecure, and they never say anything because they don't wanna take that chance in the hope of a positive outcome, because it won't be there. They fear that if they open their mouth, everything will fall into pieces.
They go to sleep at night, asking themselves what's wrong, what's right, what's going to happen. No one knows what's troubling them, they seem fine, even to the person sleeping right next to them. When they wake up, trey realize they've been replaced with better people.

What do you do when you're the one who's slowly being forgotten? What can you do, when you just wanna get back in the game but you're only wanted there as a back up plan? Can you go from being the 1st to being last, in just one day? Can you go on knowing that you once were the main character, and now you're not even close? You can only wait for the storm to pass, or the wind to take you away, maybe forever.
When your irreplaceable and lovable soul gets thrown away, what do you do?
If you think you're safe where you are now, think again. You never know what the next day will bring. And I know you can't imagine that's going to happen to you. "What could possibly go wrong?" Everything.
Even when you think you're amazing.
Even the prettiest flowers wither."

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